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Jul. 4th, 2022 11:25 pm
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☀ The Kingdom of Denmark
> Axis Powers Hetalia
> Canon appearances

Holly Heights
☀ from late 1953; physically early 20ies
IC inbox
☀ House: No. ????

His battleaxe

Username explanation: Denmark's national animal is the Mute Swan, but while Denmark is a lot of things, "mute" definitely is nowhere near his characteristics. He's the embodiment of non-mute.
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[Good morning from the guy who will not only talk until there is no tomorrow, but also in this obnoxious uberexcitable way that you really cannot not listen to. There is a reason why his best friend figured that shutting him up sometimes requires choking him???]

Hey, hey! Have ya heard of the Kalmar resorts yet? It's an awesome place fer vacationing, as far away from the actual town as ya will get during yer time here, unless the landlord sends us ta far off island or boats or something. So ya should definitely check it out! And because ya're new I'll give ya all a tour of it.

And also, if ya are looking fer a job, we have all kinds of openings! Even if they sorted ya into one of the kids places. Or if ya have no experience at all. We can train ya, and there's enough tasks fer all abilities! Ya can even work here if ya're Swedish! [He would never mind anyone from the Nordics being close, really, but he also cannot survive without insulting Sweden when he has the chance, now that there are so few possibilities with the other man being gone...]

So, give me a chance ta introduce ta ya...

Kalmar resorts and Fishing! Though the fishing is kinda closed right now because it's winter. But if ya still want ta, we can arrange something! Our restaurant still has the freshest fish in town, though, so that is there. Even though we aren't open Monday through Thursday right now because we're short on staff. Because people leave all the time in this place, ya never know who leaves next. But ya will figure that out soon enough!


[and then he levels his camera at his surroundings, slowly turning around as he talks to give a full view.]This is our lake! Ya can swim here in the summer, and jump into it after sauna, and we also have fish in there so ya can try ta fish! We only really make sure that there is enough ta have a good chance of success in the summer, though.

And that is the main house, we have a few rooms in there and a spa and a hamam, ya know those weird Turkish saunas, and a restaurant. If ya want ta smoke, ya can always have yer food outside, too! But the rooms and the spa there aren't open right now, not until we have people ta work there again... But

[and he turns to a row of log cabins that are lined up opposite of the main building, near the lake.] Ya can use the sauna if ya rent one of our log cabins! They are available fer the night, and while we don't serve ya food there, ya can always buy snacks and drinks in the main building if ya can find me or Armin ta sell it ta ya. The cabins can be rented for any period of time, really, if ya need ta move out of yer house because yer family sucks they are great fer that, too!

[and now he is walking towards one of them, still showing his surroundings as he walks. The feeds stops for a moment as Denmark enters one of the log cabins and takes off his shoes, putting the mobile down with the camera showing this view, and then continues into the back of the cabin where the entrance to the sauna is located, turning the camera back at himself while he talks.]

Oh, and before I forget, those that are always at yer service are me, the Kingdom of Denmark! But ya can call me Den, that's shorter and less of a hassle - and Armin, this guy over here [he levels the camera at a blond boy of fifteen who is currently working on something that vaguely looks like an oven], who will wait on ya in the restaurant and otherwise makes sure that our saunas run smoothly, really good at that too.

And that is it right now, because we lost three staff members just last month. Ya see, ya'll be welcomed with open arms! We need people fer everything! Let me just...

[And then he holds up this list:
/repairs of furniture etc. or just general repairs
/yard work
/masseuse and other spa stuff.
/cont. someone who can do that violent Turkish thing, too.
/administration, paperwork, accounting
/boats and fishing farm]

So if ya feel that ya can do anything of that, just drop by or message me or reply ta this, and we can set up an interview... or ya can message Armin if ya cannot reach me! [Yeah, he didn't talk to Armin about that before, it just occurred to him, but whatever...]
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Currently, the only resort services that are open all week are the cabins with the saunas that are attached to them. The restaurant is open on weekends. It still serves fresh fish from their farm.
Closed: Boat rental and self-fishing opportunities, spa with hamam, restaurant Mon-Thurs, smoke sauna.

Armin Arlert | part-time | cabin+guest rooms+sauna+spa maintenance
Denmark | full-time and overtime, he almost lives at the resort | manager, all types of customer relations, everything that nobody else does {currently administrative tasks, purchasing, cleaning, cooking, fishing farm, accounting, paperwork, yard work, boats, repairs, and phasing out of Armin's tasks as Armin learns how to do them}
Romania | part-time on weekends | cooking

/Someone for repairs of furniture etc. or just general repairs
/yard work
/masseuse and other spa stuff
/administration, paperwork, accounting
/boats and fishing farm
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Hey guys! #There is excited waving of hands, and Denmark flashes everyone a toothy grin.# And this goes fer both women and men, I've been told, because in the future everyone can play football aparently - so, there'll be this tournament!

It'll be on the grounds of the resort, and everyone is entering teams, uh... Nooooor, ya tell them!

--Norway intermission--

Right, so that's happening! #Norway gets a hearty slap on the back and an attempt at slinging an arm around his shoulders, which is dodged. Not deterred by that, Denmark tries again, which gets him a light punch against the arm before Norway walks away. There is a whine, wow Nor, come back, but then Denmark continues as if nothing happened.# And I'm coaching the team for the resort! And playing on it, too, I wanna be midfield - so we need people who want ta play! Sweden'll be the goalie, right? #Oh hey, the next unwilling participant is dragged into the picture.#

--Sweden intermission--

So if ya're interested in playing football or want ta help out with the tournament otherwise, talk ta me! I can teach ya how ta play if ya can't and want ta be in on this anyway!
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+ likes
* would tap that
# that person is really capable

littlechick - Hiyori Nishiyama +

She's a bit weird but adorable! Just a really typical girl if you ask Denmark, but the type that you just want to take to a fair and buy them a big plushie, not mature enough yet to take her to the cinema...

laukr - Norway +*#

His best friend! Bestest best friend! With benefits, of course, but that is just normal friendly behaviour, right? Nor is scarily creepy and can be bad at talking to people, but he really is just shy. That's why he hits Denmark sometimes, too, it's just his way of saying "no".

bauhina - Hong Kong #

Seems bright but weird, but really what else would Denmark have expected from an Asian - also you just want to take him drinking and ruffle his hair, right?

haught - Raquelle #+

How can someone know neither alcohol not porn? But aside from that she really seems to know a lot about things that Denmark has no clue about, so that's pretty great, and she seems like a nice woman.


Jul. 5th, 2012 09:53 pm
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May Denmark

1.interact with your character (= tag them)?
2.drape over/latch onto/hug/etc your character/get physically close to them in general?
3.hit on your character?
4.hit on your character with crude words? (the difference between "you're pretty" and "your tits look great") not politically correct towards your character? (aka if you would rather not have him comment on something on which commentary might make you uncomfortable/etc - because he can be rude/offensive while considering it being honest.)
6.anything else?

These are just to make sure, because they may or may not turn up, and something being mentioned on here does not mean that it will happen frequently or there is a gurantee of it happening at all in game.
It just lets me know if should the possibility arise I should steer things somewhere else.


Jul. 5th, 2012 08:19 am
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1414 Holly Heights

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[It is early afternoon, Germany and Prussia are away to attend some meeting or the other or visit their troops or whatever - Denmark could really care less at the moment, because not only they are gone. Everyone except for Poland is, who is locked into his basement room and wouldn't be a problem anyway because he isn't on Germany's side - out of all of them he really has the least reason to be. Especially considering who is on the nazis side. The look on the long haired blond's face whenever he is confronted with Lithuania is an expression of betrayal if the Scandinavian has ever seen one.

But that isn't on Denmark's mind as he walks up the stairs from the kitchen, a tray with two portions of lunch in his hands. They are larger than reasonable, but this is Germany's house. The consequences of the war haven't really reached this place yet. He stops in front of the door to Norway's room, remembering to knock at the last minute despite his excitement - he wants his friend to know who is visiting, so the other male can feel safe. They can finally talk freely, and he can visit Nor and it will be great. He really misses just hanging out with his best friend, but he knows that their captors frown upon such things and there are certain lines that he will be careful not to cross, or to only cross with caution. He can do a lot, but that doesn't mean that he can do everything.]

Hey, Nor, I'm coming in!

HH app

Jun. 19th, 2012 01:12 pm
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Player: Kira/Narva
Age: 25
Personal Journal: [personal profile] narva
Contact Info: AIM janteslaw \ [ profile] narva
Other Characters: N/A

Characters Name: Denmark [if you need a human name, canon hasn't given him one but Søren Andersen works]
Age: appears to be in his early 20ies; actually roughly 2000 years
Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia
Canon Point: Late 1940 1953
Species: Nation
Gender: Male/Male
Orientation: I play him as pansexual, because it works well with his personality and approach to people in general, but that aside - Denmark hasn't displayed any clear sexuality in canon, but he just likes people and being around them, regardless of gender or sex. He'll be perfectly happy living together with basically any living, sentient being, so he can be placed with whatever partner.

History: Wikipedia on the RL nation

Denmark is one of the oldest nations in Europe, by actual nationhood as well as by his personal age. We know relatively little about his history from actual canon - he is mentioned multiple time as a big power of the middle ages, mostly in the context of bullying smaller nations (for example Estonia refers to the Baltic crusades in that way, and the Russia strips mention it - bullying seems to be a typical Hetalia term for raids and invasions of physically younger nations). The Swedish War of Liberation gets mentioned, which tangents him as well (considering that it was the liberation from the Danish rule), we hear about him and Sweden having fought a lot, and then we have pictures of tiny Denmark and medieval Denmark. In general what we hear is coherent with RL history as well as with the personality that is shown in his modern day strips, but if needed, I can provide a hetaliafied version.

Appearance: Tall for a nation, which probably pegs him between 175 and 180 centimetres; blue eyes, blond unruly hair and he is pretty much always grinning. He's also one of the manly and muscular nations, and certainly one of the loudest ones.


Most, if not all, people that Denmark is close to will describe him as "annoying"; this fact touches on a lot of aspects of his personality: his behaviour, which is characterized by an extremely outgoing, happy, loud and very "interactive" attitude; actually, his very voice is happy, loud, way too energetic and can go on for a long time; the way in which all nations important to him treat him, which usually involves some level of disdain - and the fact that that doesn't stop him from considering them his family/best friends, because he assumes rightly (he himself would say "knows") that they actually care; the fact that he can be absolutely insensitive and rude; that he is hardly accommodating. What is not mentioned is that he is actually a good leader and a loyal friend.

First of all it should be bade clear that Denmark is a genuinely happy person. His current canon point puts that into perspective a bit, but almost all parts of what causes that won't be present in HH (aka he will be able to talk to whomever and go to wherever he wants, nobody will be giving him orders and nobody important to him will be in a dire situation) the change should very quickly fade away - Denmark's spirit is strong and with one notable exception (= Sweden leaving him) he is very good at moving on; he's not one to dwell on depressing thoughts (he has neither patience nor inclination for those things).

He absolutely appears the happy part, and his cheerfulness is a very aggressive one, as in, it is hard to get away from it: He usually speaks in a high volume, talks a lot, likes to be physically affectionate with people, is very outgoing and open, optimistic to a fault and his expression is almost always decorated by a smile or grin.

It has to be noted, though, that it is not a Stepford Smile - when Denmark is sad or scared or angry or - rarely- pensive, his expression will change. But when he is happy or when he is having fun (he is shown grinning widely when bullying Russia or teasing Iceland, but also when he is talking to people (which is his favourite pastime) and when he is doing things that he likes in general). With how his family treats him and with how much he smiles, it is easy to wonder how genuine it is, but at least from what we have seen so far it seems to almost never be faked - and when he is grinning from nervosity or something like that, it clearly shows. Which, by the way, happens very rarely. Belarus is probably the only person who can unsettle him.

On the topic of how his family, and probably not only they, treat him - Iceland telling him that he hates him as an April's Fool, his best friend Norway physically abusing and insulting him, and so on - Denmark really does not seem to mind. He reacts by either being incredible amounts of oblivious, reacting as if an insult was a friendly remark or even a compliment or as if he hasn't heard/understood it, or by moving on just moments later.

It is likely that this stems at least partly from growing up with Norway and Sweden, both of whom cannot express (especially positive) emotions or wishes properly. Considering how normal Norway abusing Denmark seems to be (judging by how it shows up repeatedly and only outsiders like Japan are shocked by it), [speculation] it might be that they have settled into a kind of agreement where Denmark is allowed to latch onto Norway and whine and be loud and so on to his heart's content, and Norway (whose behaviour towards himself Denmark canonly attributes to shyness) can protest and make scathing comments without Denmark stopping, but when he really wants Denmark to shut up or stop, he is allowed to use force without any retaliation from the taller nation.[/speculation] As for Sweden, the guy clearly cannot express any emotions because "his face is lame" (other people would call it scary, or very scary, but Denmark grew up with it and is immune - something that joins hands with his obliviousness and means that Denmark is barely scared of anyone or anything - needless to say that his self-preservation doesn't seem to be the best sometimes) and wince Denmark knew that he cared, he stopped really associating forbidding expressions or little actively positive actions with someone disliking him.

Denmark simply likes people, talking to people mostly, but also hugging and drinking with and cuddling and working alongside with and - really, he prefers a fistfight with someone to being alone. He's your paradigmatic extrovert - it also figures into this that he is canonically good at selling things and does basically all the relations with others when the Nordic group goes to parties or similar things. He is loud and energetic in voice, movements and general behaviour, and has no qualms about approaching people for a chat.

His mindset also includes a strong "may the better one win" fairness and leaves little room for holding prolonged grudges. Maybe surprisingly, considering his past as a Viking and one of the terrors of Europe and also his tendency of having all emotions and thoughts spill to the outside at once, he is very hard to anger - he is usually too aloof or preoccupied with pleasant thoughts to get really angry, even when someone attacks him (though part of that might be that he is just used to mainly Norway throwing stuff at him and such). He used to fight a lot more and was probably also quicker to start physical aggression, but canon states that he has "calmed down" since then.

The Nordic is also an optimist to a fault, which can be drawn from both APH canon (everything will be great! on the drama CD) as well as from history (for example when he declared neutrality, repeatedly, hoping that it would work out in situations where it was clear that he couldn't stay neutral for the entirety of the conflict and thus basically ended up as a play-ball between the powers.)

Denmark is also a good leader. As already mentioned, he can do the "outer relations" for his group well, and he has the charisma and strength to assume the role. He is also good at keeping up the spirits of a group (all nations have the duty to raise the morale of the troops, but with Denmark that seems to go way past his own people) and making decisions for everyone without worrying too much. I'll come back to this.

...Because now I want to talk about how he is of course not as entirely positive as he has sounded so far. Denmark has four main vices.

One is that he is insensitive and downright rude, basically the flip side of how he is oblivious to insult: Norway might insult him at every turn, but Denmark saying things like "you are creepily scary and have a bunch of weird friends" to his best friend isn't particularly nice either - not that he would consider it an insult. It's just the truth! He doesn't understand why others would be offended by such things either. Generally Denmark is very blunt and direct about voicing his opinions, even unasked, and those opinions are not always PC or polite, they can also be belittling. Denmark is also just awesome at putting his foot in his mouth. He completely lacks a brain-mouth filter... which might be one of the reasons why he talks so much. Basically everything that he thinks spills out. Tied into this is the fact that Denmark is an incredibly bad liar. He can do it, but it isn't very convincing at all. Little white lies work, though.

The second would be the flip side of his leadership qualities. It's called "Denmark hardly listens to what other people say.". This is his main reason for his fallout with Sweden; the other nation had grown tired of not having an equal place as Denmark in the union that both of them were a part of at that time, and over that fight for an more equal say, basically over a sharing of leadership, Sweden finally broke away, took Finland and run. And this is the exception to the rule from above about Denmark not holding grudges. Following this fallout, Sweden and Denmark started to be at war almost constantly and only started to reconcile rather recently. Denmark not listening to other people also becomes a problem when he makes decisions for everyone, because he won't limit it to emergencies but make it a general practice.

Thirdly, Denmark has a short attention span and cannot concentrate on the same thing for very long, which on the one hand is good because it keeps him from getting sad or brooding or angry, but it also means that he cannot really stay serious for long and that serious conversations with him can be hard to maintain or even start.

Lastly, Denmark can whine a lot. He doesn't react that way when the situation is serious, it is more the "I don't want to get the remote control it is too far away and I'd have to crawl out from under my blanket" kind - pointless whining might be the best description - or things like "when are we there, Nor, I need to take a piss". It also never lasts long, though it can spring up repeatedly between rambling about happier things or just rambling.

To end with, I want to lose a few words about the Nordics as a group in Hetalia, specifically from Denmark's POV. While Norway and Iceland are actually related, we have no canonical information of any of the others being, and Finland is most certainly not related to any of the other Nordics. That doesn't deter Denmark from wanting to be called "big brother" by the others and generally assuming them to be an unit much like a family. To him, Sweden and Norway were Denmark's brothers basically from the time that he found them; Finland figures in through being Sweden's "wife" (after all a brother-in-law is still called brother) and Iceland is Norway's little bro and anyway he is his little brother, so! The "brothers" thing is something that all members of the group have in their mindset to a degree.


The usual nation abilities: Relative immortality (nations seem to be unable to die; they just show up even before their political equivalent starts forming and when people stop thinking of them as theirs, they seem to pass on to heaven in a very literal way, simply walking over there); being bound to his soil and people - what happens to them influences him, and the other way round, though often it cannot be decided which comes first; covering great distances in little time.

While of a lighter built than for example Sweden or Germany, Denmark is quite muscular and strong. His reflexes are shown to be very sharp even in modern day. He's good at handling most weapons and can also stand his man without any, though these days he could be overpowered by someone whose strength is clearly above average. While not good in most things that pertain to housekeeping, he is a good cook and can manage okay when he lives alone. He is all right at taking care of the sick, if a bit rough, but he absolutely sucks at child rearing. While he loves children and will be an awesome big brother, he just doesn't have the patience, attention span and empathy to do it well, and being basically a big kid himself, he's also simply not enough of an adult.

His outstandingly strong points are design (furniture, architecture, interior, etc), staying happy almost no matter what, a very high morale/motivation - it is pretty much impossible to bring down his spirits, and actually emotional resilience should be mentioned here, too - it takes some skill to ignore being almost constantly insulted or rejected by your beloved ones and still believing that they care about you and just can't show it properly, and to keep coming back. Denmark is also often very stubborn/determined.


Feb. 13th, 2011 04:50 pm
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I'm not doing this the Pokemon way, "to be the best", but to have fun.

Still, though, I want to do a good job at it. Which means, if you spot something that I could do better, please tell me and I will see what I can do. Similarely, if I got something wrong, be it a cultural or historical, please tell me and I will research that better and then try to fix it. Thanks!

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